Handmade Jewelry Trend 2021

Handmade Jewelry Trend 2020

Jewelry is a well-known category in the handmade community and often means huge competition at craft shows and online.

If your Jewelry brand is state of the art and follows trends, here’re a few ideas you might wish to incorporate into your holiday collection.

There’re so many styles and trends that come from the runways.

Though, if find more creators are trying their best to stand out and make something unique.

So there is not usually a ton of crossover among looks seen on all the different runways.

Though, there’re some. I have included those along with other trends I discovered via extensive research on Social medial platforms, Google, and products main fashion retailers are carrying.


Think chains and spikes. The handmade trend is a little more mainstream with tiny, not much intimidating spikes.

Here is the best instance of mini spikes used in a bracelet, which also incorporates the pearl and gold trend.

And chains, often linked with punk styles, are chunkier or bold for this year’s trend. Here is an instance or another instance here in earrings.

Handmade Jewelry Trend
Handmade Jewelry Trend

Moons and Stars Jewelry Trend 

I mainly noticed an abundance of this trend when searching Jewelry items on social media, which tells me it is more of a mainstream style (one that has been around for a while and has 100 percent caught on).

They are used in earrings, dainty rings, and necklaces.


One earring of the pair might be a stud, while the other is a long statement style.

Here is one instance or this elegant and wonderful pair.

Paper Clip

Earrings in the style of paper clips are frequently searched on Google. Here is an instance in 18K gold.


I realize that religion is not a trend, though. According to Google trends, hoop earrings with the cross, hanging cross earrings, cross-earring men, etc., were popular search lines.

Pandora Collection 2021 | What’s In My Jewellery Box

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