History Of The Jewelry Box

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The history of jewelry boxes dates back centuries.

Throughout the times, jewelry boxes have been made and designed by skilled persons.

The industrial revolution initiated the plan of mass production.

It allowed the mid-class of the community to buy decorative products like the jewelry box along with some other accessory commodities.

This was possible as jewelry box could be designed in bulk and the cost involved in the mass number was less.

Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box

Mail Order Luxuries

In the early 19th century, mail-order catalogs such as stars, Marshall Fields and Wards enabled the average family to buy jewelry boxes from home.

Even stores put on show the recent and in-demand jewelry box styles.

Jewelry boxes were available in every size from the smallest ring size to glove sized box.

The bottom parts of these were as elegant as the top design.

The antimonial lead was the common base metal used to make jewelry boxes.

Initially, the boxes were electroplated with copper metal and then finished with either silver or gold.

Other finishing touches included Roman Gold, Bronze, French Gray, Pompeian Gold, and Parisian Silver.


Global Influences on Jewelry Boxes

Global trade and travel opened new ways to decorative design all over the world.

During the 1900s, the most amazing decorative design of the jewelry box was Art Nouveau.

It was a romantic style that was well-known for flowing with motifs relating to nature.

This design is reflected flower sentiments on boxes, the 4 leaf clover for fine luck, daises for innocence and roses for beauty and love, and so on.

From 1904-18, there was overwhelming mass production of boxes.

In this period, silver and gold were common.

Silver-plated jewelry boxes are considered as an antique piece and are very rare.

Other kinds of antiques include the souvenir jewelry boxes that have commemorative ceramic or image discs.

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