Large Jewelry Case

Diva model made by Barton and Reed Large Jewelry Case

Jewelry cases are accessible in all sizes and range from little travel cases and dress top boxes to big floor-standing jewelry armoires.

If you are about to buy a jewelry box you might want to look into the large jewelry cases, as your jewelry collection is definitely to grow with each year.

A large jewelry case is one that is generally more than fourteen inches wide or high.

Many of the big boxes are dresser top armoires. A typical example is the Diva model made by Barton and Reed.

It has 5 drawers with compartments for rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, as well as 2 side compartments that are perfect for storing necklaces.

With a dark mahogany finish, it will also make a contribution to your bedroom decoration.

Another box in the same category is a fifteen-inch high, 6 drawer box by Seya.

It has 4 drawers with storage dividers and a top area that locks to save your valuables.

Further, the top section has 6 ring rolls.

With 2 swing-out necklaces doors with 45 hooks on each side and a complete mirror in the lid, this is a big, multi-objective box that can manage the needs for storing a big varied collection.

The next category of big jewelry boxes is the big, oversized dresser top best styles.

The best example is the Expresser walnut jewelry chest by Mele.

It measures in with a length of 18 1/2 and width of 9 1/2 and eleven inches high.

It has a hot walnut finish and specs 7 divided sections on top. It also has a built-in mirror.

A unique spec is a hidden necklace top with twelve hooks.

There are 6 drawers, one twin drawer in the middle, one ring drawer, one with 4 equal sections, and 2 open drawers.

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