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Whether fancy or costume, nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe like jewelry.

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After sharing our handy tips for summer accessorizing, we will teach you how to keep your jewelry clean. Unless you only plan on staying indoors this summer, …

Pandora Jewelry Daughter’s Love Cubic Charm

Pandora Jewelry Daughter's Love Cubic Zirconia Charm

Show your daughter how much she means to you with this amazing daughter charm by Pandora. Crafted from sterling silver embellished with a pink sparkling stone, this valuable charm is engraved with the word Daughter. Features Pandora Jewelry Daughter’s Love Cubic Zirconia Charm Sterling silver The world’s most famous silver alloy, our sterling silver consists […]

Handmade Jewelry Trend 2021

Handmade Jewelry Trend 2020

Jewelry is a well-known category in the handmade community and often means huge competition at craft shows and online. If your Jewelry brand is state of the art and follows trends, here’re a few ideas you might wish to incorporate into your holiday collection. There’re so many styles and trends that come from the runways. […]

Homde Jewelry Box Necklace Ring Organizer

Homde Jewelry Box Necklace Ring Storage Organizer Synthetic Leather

This jewelry box has a big capacity but area-saving and takes less place on the dresser. It can also be simply located in the twenty-inch, twenty-four inch, or twenty-eight-inch luggage. Travel with your jewelry box. Four layers with three pull-out drawers, two side doors with eight necklace hooks, two ear stud cards, one ring roll, […]

Pandora Father Daughter Charm

Pandora Father Daughter Charm

Part of the fun in appeal bracelets is making them personalize the recipient’s passions, hobbies, and achievements. The charms and beads each will symbolize some event or even some secret between you and whoever gets it. Still, it can be a bit overwhelming once you start looking at all of the options in silver beads, […]

How to Take Care of Your Pearls

Pearls are classic, iconic and feminine. They are a timeless addition to any woman’s jewelry collection and add luminosity to anyone donning them. Be it vintage, retro or contemporary, pearls are one of the top jewelry trends to watch out for in 2018. However, as lustrous as pearls are, they are the most fragile gems […]

Legends and Lore Surrounding Emerald Jewelry

The lush green hue of emerald has soothed and excited people for centuries. The term emerald comes from the ancient Greek word smaragdus which means green gem. The green color of emeralds has always had a place in mythology. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, in particular, gave great importance to the striking green rock and believed […]